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Online learning platforms every business owner should know

For business owners, learning has really taken on the flavour of necessity. There are two key (and overlapping) reasons for this. From a business perspective, it’s vital that employees are supported in their journey towards mastering their field and developing the skills that will allow them to deliver the maximum amount of value – while simultaneously enjoying the fulfilment that comes hand-in-hand with a job well done.

May 18th, 2022

This is especially applicable in the many sectors and industries that rely on continually updated technologies and processes.

Whether you’re a maverick InsurTech on a mission or any one of a dozen tech-related businesses, you need to address the fact that 66% of digital leaders (according to recruitment specialists Harvey Nash) are struggling with a lack of available talent, and a commitment to learning and development is going to be vital in addressing these shortcomings.

At the same time, of course, business owners of all sorts are people first and foremost – and just because you’ve got a swanky nameplate doesn’t mean your own learning and development should come to a screaming halt. If nothing else, a good business owner leads by example – and while the buck might stop with you, there’s no reason for you to stop growing.

With that in mind, here’s a handful of online learning platforms that need to be on every business owner’s radar.

Adobe Captivate Prime

As a fully digital learning management system (LMS), Adobe Captivate Prime is perfect for those business owners who have embraced the power of remote working.

The beauty of Captivate lies in its ability to train not only employees, but also external parties like partners and even customers, making it the ideal choice for any business owner who needs to keep multiple stakeholders in the loop while upskilling or reskilling their workers.

LinkedIn Learning

The clue’s in the name for this one: according to LinkedIn itself (not an unbiased source, admittedly) a whopping 78% of Fortune 100 companies make use of this online learning platform. At the very least, you’ll be in good company.

To my mind, the main advantage of LinkedIn Learning is its in-built library of courses, of which there are over 16,000 at time of writing – meaning that you may well find the educational resources you need without having to lift a finger yourself (other than the one you use to click ‘sign up’, obviously).


Of course, some business owners will want to create and curate their own libraries of educational content, whether because their industry is too niche for generic courses or simply because they like to keep a hand on the wheel – and that’s where the likes of Docebo come into their own.

Placing an emphasis on in-house training (as opposed to the third-party aspects of Adobe), Docebo is a highly scalable solution that lets you design custom landing pages, courses, and widgets – while its gamification elements allow learners to earn badges (and a place on the leaderboards!) for successful course completion.

There are umpteen variations on these themes, and I encourage any business owners to have a browse and educate themselves on their options. Education is, after all, the name of the game. In fact, for the likes of Docebo, it literally is a game.

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