About Taveo

Taveo is a commercial insurance broker using AI, automation and data science to offer businesses the right cover, with the least effort and at the best possible price.

Our Story

In 2019, frustrated by increasing commissions and reducing service, we set about reimagining commercial insurance broking in the customer’s favour.

Broking 2.0, as we call it, was designed around ensuring that there is greater alignment between the price paid and service received by customers. We realised that we would need to utilise technology to reduce the administrative burden, manual processes and human biases that exist in the current model, instead relying on AI-led decision making, data augmentation and unique automation of processes.

We also believe that rebuilding business owners’ trust in insurance brokers begins with “radical transparency” – so we opened up our back office and made proactive disclosure of earnings central to our model. More importantly, our model is focussed upon driving the right behaviours in our staff, incentivising them to put the customer first at all times.

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Where Taveo is Headed And How We'll Get There

Taveo was not created to offer an alternative for niche customers. We believe our approach to commercial insurance can become the new way to buy insurance for business owners. What you see now is just the surface of what we intend to achieve and we spent significant time as a team honing and crafting our mission and vision statements to reflect our final destination


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