Unoccupied Property.

Unoccupied Property Insurance: A Safety Net for Your Vacant Spaces

Just Because Your Property Is Empty Doesn't Mean It Can't Be Full of Coverage.

A vacant property is like a blank canvas: full of potential, but also exposed to a number of ‘what-ifs. With Taveo's Unoccupied Property Insurance, you don't have to cross your fingers and hope nothing happens while it's empty— you'll know it's protected.

Efficient Quotes for Your Peace of Mind

Get Covered Faster Than You Can Say "Empty Nest"

Who likes to wait, especially when it's about securing an empty space? Taveo's cutting-edge AI delivers real-time quotes, giving you a comprehensive view of the entire insurance field while ensuring you're not left in the lurch..

Tailored Plans for Every Scenario

Flexible Coverage for Properties as Unique as Your Ambitions

Whether it's a temporarily empty rental or a property in between lease agreements, we offer coverage options designed specifically for the nuances of unoccupied spaces. Think of it as having the perfect playlist for every mood.

Transparent Terms for the Detail-Oriented

We Speak Your Language: No Gibberish, No Gimmicks

Don't get bogged down in legal jargon or hidden fees. We believe in keeping things transparent and straightforward so you can focus on what matters most: maximising your property's potential.

Our open back office means full transparency for your coverage. See every quote, every call, and every communique in real time, whenever you like.

Why Choose Taveo for Unoccupied Property Insurance

  • Quick, Accurate Quotes: Our AI doesn't take coffee breaks, ensuring every single quote is ready when you are.

  • 24/7 Control: Because uncertainties don't keep office hours, you can access all your details and make changes directly in your personalised dashboard.

  • Adaptable Plans: Whether your property is vacant for a week or a year, we've got you covered.

  • Simple Terms: We don’t use needless jargon, we’re too good for it.

Safeguard Your Investment's Off-Season

In the property game, timing is everything. Don't let your off-seasons put you at risk. With Taveo's Unoccupied Property Insurance, ensure your vacant property is just as safeguarded as your occupied ones.


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