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Our Mission

The commercial insurance sector is grappling with a pervasive problem of underinsurance, where 80% of UK SMEs are underinsured by approximately 45%. The issue extends to large corporations as well, with 40% of commercial properties also underinsured. The root of this problem lies in a time-consuming and confusing insurance process, burdened with excessive administration that prevents brokers from securing the best deals for their clients.

Taveo tackles this challenge by employing advanced AI, automation, and data science, which revolutionises the broking process to ensure businesses receive precisely the coverage they need. This 'Broking 2.0' approach, coupled with their commitment to 'radical transparency', opens up their operations to customer scrutiny, aligns staff incentives with customer satisfaction, and ensures a fair balance between service and cost. Their mission is to provide their customers with industry-leading product choice, service, and value. Through this transformative model, Taveo is setting a new standard for trust and efficiency in commercial insurance. 

About Taveo

Taveo is a commercial insurance broker harnessing the power of AI, automation, and data science to offer businesses the right cover, with the least effort and at the best possible prices. They believe in building trust with business owners, backed by their ‘radical transparency’ approach to insurance and a proactiveness to the disclosure of earnings central to their model.

Taveo Leadership

  • Mark Costello - Chief Executive Officer

  • John Costello - Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) - Co-Founder

  • Ed Halsey - COO and Co-Founder

  • Ulrich Zink - Chief Technology Officer

  • Mags Allison - Chief of People and Culture

  • Dan Keeley - Chief Engineer

Leadership Insights

“Technology is not about getting rid of humans – we’re not going to just automate everything and have our customers speak to a robot. This is about taking all the low-value interactions away from our people so that, whenever a customer calls, they get straight through to a human being with the expertise to help them.”
- Mark Costello, Chief Executive Officer
“Many properties are insured at what the rebuild cost was 30 years ago and we’ve just applied index-linking every year. That’s not adequate – things change. AI can help to solve this problem by improving the accuracy of building insurance coverage. It does so by combining geospatial data and satellite imagery with AI-powered computer vision, giving a more up-to-date view of a property’s dimensions and risks.

Insurers can go further by using drones to assess the risk profiles of commercial buildings. You can send a drone around the top of a property to assess the condition of its roof. Or, better yet, you can get an agreement for it to fly through a warehouse, see all the risk features and tag these with computer vision. All of this sounds like it’s the year 3000, but it isn’t. You can do it now.”
- Ed Halsey, COO and Co-Founder