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Hotel and Guest House Insurance by Taveo: Because Every Stay Should Be Five-Star Safe

For humble Hoteliers and B&B Barons, ensuring your guests have the ultimate experience is your goal. Keeping that experience worry-free? That’s where we come in.

The hospitality industry is a blend of bustling activity and serene rest. Every room booked is a story waiting to happen. From honeymooners to solo travellers, you provide a haven. Taveo ensures this haven is steeped in security.

Quick-Draw Quotes: Faster Than Room Service

As we all know, guests don't like to wait, and neither should you. With Taveo's intuitive AI-driven system, you can get a whole host of insurance quotes from our range of providers in the blink of an eye.

And we do mean all the quotes. We don’t play favourites.

Bespoke Coverage: Tailored to Your Unique Establishment

From boutique guesthouses to sprawling chain hotels, each establishment has its own rhythm. Our insurance packages dance to your tune, providing tailored coverage that aligns with your needs.

Plus, it doesn’t stop there. You can handle your own policy and its changes on the fly, day or night, in our personalised customer portal.

Clear Terms: As Refreshing as a Pillow Mint

Ditch the complicated jargon and fine print. Taveo’s policies come in clear, simple language. No surprises—except the pleasant ones guests might leave in their reviews.

Highlights of Taveo’s Hotel & Guest House Insurance

  • Public and Product Liability: Protect against potential claims from guests or due to products you provide.

  • Property Damage: Coverage for your physical structures, from lobby to luxury suite.

  • Employee Coverage: Guard against potential claims made by your dedicated staff.

  • Business Interruption: Assurance for those unpredictable hiccups in operations.

Why Taveo is the Top Choice for Hospitality Insurance

  • Every Single Quote Ever: Time and Choice are luxuries. We won’t make you wait to see every single quote our providers can present, giving you an informed, transparent choice.

  • Around-the-Clock Access: Forget late check out. Make changes to your policy at your leisure, day or night, in your own online customer portal.

  • Adaptable Plans: As your establishment grows, your policy can too.

  • Transparency: With Taveo, you're always in the know.

Check-In to a World of Secure Hospitality

In the hospitality world, challenges shouldn't spoil the stay. With Taveo’s Hotel and Guest House Insurance, you’ll rest as easily as your guests.


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