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Why ‘Old-Fashioned’ Marketing Methods Still Work Well

Marketing techniques sure have come a long way compared to days gone by, when things were simpler in the way they were executed. However, ‘modern’ does not always mean better, especially when it comes to tried and true marketing techniques that continue to be popular to this day.

September 8th, 2022


Flyers are a great example of marketing material that you can leave in the hands of potential customers for reference later on. The neat thing about flyers is that they are relatively simple to design and are pretty easy on the pocket too. Moreover, they offer the opportunity to provide a personalised touch to your marketing campaign by allowing you to break the ice with prospects, so to speak.


Postcards are also useful if you want to bring your message home by leaving your potential customers with something to remember you by. Furthermore, it could be handed over to them as a reminder until they are ready to approach you. Or to alert them of an appointment that you may have scheduled with them way in advance.

Print ads

Print ads still work well at generating interest in your product or service, provided you’ve researched your target audience well enough and can safely assume that they’re still interested in reading print that’s not online. Here, it’s about capturing the attention of an audience who still enjoys perusing a newspaper or magazine on the off chance that your advert will make them stop and pay attention to what you’re offering.

Cold calling

Cold calling is another example of traditional marketing that can still be highly effective if done correctly and conducted within legal limits. Again, it pays to have in-depth knowledge of your target audience so that you don’t end up wasting precious company time and resources on the wrong people. Get these finer details spot on, and you’re guaranteed to land more than a few successful leads that you can hopefully end up converting further down the purchasing funnel. Moreover, cold calling can be combined with a more modern approach such as email marketing to further solidify your marketing message in the marketplace.


Billboards are yet another ingenious marketing method that continues to be successful as a result of their sheer size and presence when viewed alongside a busy highway. Furthermore, billboards nowadays have a more modern take on them as many of them have gone digital, which can be more interesting and engaging than a message on a one-dimensional medium.

Building a lasting awareness

As far as marketing goes, you want to make sure that your marketing strategy is as memorable as can be. And nothing works quite as well as a well-designed logo coupled with a catchy slogan to build lasting awareness for your brand. Logos, for the most part, can be your own design if you don’t want to outlay capital to have a graphic designer design one for you. Just use a free online logo maker to source a ready-made template that’s made for your brand. All you need to do is choose a style and icon and then pick from an array of assortments that you can then finetune in terms of colour, text, design, and font.

If you do decide to work with a designer, you’ll likely have design ideas of images of inspiration to pass along. Instead of saving an image as a JPG, you can save it as a PDF first in order to preserve an image’s quality. This can be beneficial when sharing images via email as some email utility may compress image files before transmitting.

Creating a slogan can then be the next step in your marketing strategy to make your brand even more memorable. But if you don’t consider yourself to be that much of a creative, a slogan generator can assist you in coming up with a slogan that is concise, clear, and to the point so that there is no mistaking your brand for another.

Make your offer irresistible

If you want to make your offer truly irresistible, then offering a deal or discount as part of the package is sure to go a long way in sweetening the deal that much more. One of the most effective ways of creating a sense of urgency is to make sure that you market your discount as a limited-time offering, not only to create a sense of excitement but also to motivate them to take action.

Marketing can be somewhat tricky, especially if you are looking at multiple avenues to get your message across. However, it is usually this approach that works best when you decide to also include age-old marketing methods that still apply today.Why ‘Old-Fashioned’ Marketing Methods Still Work Well

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